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Coldplay在今天發行了全新大碟A Head Full of Dreams,而這首Everglow受到矚目的一點除了歌詞依舊是Coldplay式的情歌之外,就是主唱Chris Martin的前妻Gwyneth Paltrow也有參與製作,來找找看Gwyneth的聲音吧!


Live at BBC Radio 1:


Live at Belasco Theater:


Live at Belasco Theater (自製中文字幕)



They say people coming 他們說著人群靠近了

We see people go 又說人群遠離了

This particular diamond is extra special 這特別的鑽石顯得格外特別

And though you might be gone 雖然你也許會離去

And the world may not know 這世界也許不會知道

Still I see you, celestial 看見你在天際中


Like a lion you ran 妳像隻野獅奔跑

A Goddess you rolled 像婀娜多姿的女神

Like an eagle you circle 你像盤旋的老鷹

In perfect purple 以完美無瑕的紫色點綴著

So how come things move on 所以為何事情仍繼續下去

How come cars don't slow 為何車子不會慢下來

When it feels like the end of my world 當這就像世界的盡頭

When I should but I can't let you go 當我應該讓你離去卻仍不放手的時候


But when I'm cold, cold 但當我感到寒冷的時候

When I'm cold, cold 當我感到寒冷的時候

There's a light that you give me 你卻為我點了燈光

When I'm in shadows 我在陰影底下時

There's a feeling you give me 你給我一種感覺

Everglow 那是永恆的燦爛


We're brothers in blood 我們是如同手足的好朋友

Sisters who ride 一起同行的姐妹

And we swore on that night 我們在那晚許下誓言

We'd be friends 'til we die 我們是至死不渝的摯友

With the changing of winds 隨著風的遷化

And the way waters flow 還有河水的流動

Life as shortest as the falling of the snow 生命像雪花灑落的時間一樣短暫

And now I'm going to miss you, I know 我現在知道我會深深的想念你的


But when I'm cold, cold 但當我感到寒冷的時候

In water rolled, salt 在翻騰的鹽水之中

And I know that you're with me 我知道你會跟我在一起

And the way you will show, 你表現的方式

And you're with me wherever I go 你和我形影不離

And you give me this feeling, 你讓我感覺到

This everglow 永恆的燦爛


Oh, what I wouldn't give for just a moment to hold 我不會只想短暫擁有

Yeah, I live for this feeling 我為了這而活

It's everglow 而這是永恆的燦爛

So if you love someone 所以如果你愛著一個人

You should let them know 你應該讓他們知道

Oh, the light that you left me will everglow 你留給我的將會燦爛永恆



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