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這一首Birds是Coldplay這張新專輯A Head Full of Dreams第二首出音樂錄影帶的歌曲,一起來欣賞吧~~

(私心希望打Everglow跟Hymn for the Weekend呀XDD)

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been standing in the corner 站在角落

studying the lights 研究著燈火

the dreaming of escape will keep you up at night 逃離的夢將使你一夜難眠

but someone had put the flares up 但有人點燃了火焰

and got me in the rays 讓我置身在光芒之中

so I guess I’d better stay 我猜我最好留下

‘uh uh no come on’ you say 但你卻說:"不,來吧"

it’s a fool’s gold thunder 這金黃的雷電

it’s just a warring rain 危險的暴雨

don’t let the fears just start 別讓恐懼發作

‘what if I won’t see you again’ 如果我再也看不到你

around here you never want to sleep all night 你絕不會想在這裡入眠

so start falling in love, start the riot and 所以墜入愛河,挑起混亂

come on rage with me 跟著我燃燒怒火

we don’t need words 不需要一言一語

and we’ll be birds 我們會成為鳥兒

got to make our own key 打造出我們的鑰匙

only got this moment 只有當下

you and me 你和我兩人

guilty of nothing 不用內疚

but geography 只有地理限制

come on and raise it 來吧,喚醒它

come on and raise this noise 來點聲音吧

for the million people who got not one voice 為了那不發一語的百萬人

come on it’s not over if you mean it say loud 如果你敢出聲的話就代表還沒結束

come on all for Love out from the underground 讓地底的愛破繭而出吧

away with me 與我一起逃離

we don’t need words 不需要一言一語

close your eyes and see 閉上眼睛去體會

and we’ll be birds 我們會是鳥兒

flying free 自由自在的飛

holding on in the mystery 在謎題中緊擁彼此

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

fearless together 無所畏懼

you said ‘we’ll go through this together’ 你說我們會一起度過

when you fly won’t you 當你在空中飛翔時

won’t you take me too? 你難道不會帶著我嗎

in this world so cruel 在這殘忍的世界

I think you’re so cool 我覺得你異常冷靜

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